Remember me. Forgot your password? Subscribe today to gain access to every Research Intelligencer article we publish as well as the exclusive daily newsletter, full access to The MediaPost Cases , first-look research and daily insights from Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief. When it comes to dating and love, Millennials often undeservedly get a bad rap from the olds for not being serious enough about their romantic pursuits. To the casual observer, casual sex may seem like the ultimate end game for many of the 64 million Millennials on the make who use dating apps or websites in search of Mister or Miss Right Now. But assuming that Gen Y has cornered the market on promiscuity and commitment-phobia is a missed connection on how the rules of attraction have changed in the age of Tinder and OKCupid. For Millennials, digital media has both facilitated and complicated communications for those looking to make a love connection. Meanwhile, many Millennials appear to be finding their perfect match online. According to a report by the National Academy of Sciences, more than one-third of 19, couples that were married between and said they met through an online dating service. Which has led to the dubious impression that Millennial daters are only looking for casual hook-ups, instead of lasting love.

The Generations

In every crisis, there is an opportunity. Amid a global pandemic, it looks like my own Gen X has finally found ours. As the generation raised in the age of stranger danger and Just Say No , our inherent risk aversion is finally being recognized as a great strength and asset to the survival of the species. Our independent streak was fostered by our need to fend for ourselves while our boomer parents toiled for long hours at work, making us more than comfortable with self-reliance and an afternoon spent on the couch playing video games.

Now, for the first time in our lives, the question “Why can’t everyone be more like Generation X?

As RVA’s tech-savvy, yet rebellious destination for all things love, dating, and relationships, I’ll address questions and discuss new topics every.

And without fail, they do, leaving us to sit there and politely nod while making a mental note to never bring this wrath upon our poor legs again. Will Gen Z look back at all the fucked up things the previous generation has imposed on them? We have similar political and social views. We both have crippling student-loan debt. Most of us know what TikTok is.

Because these generational labels are ever-changing, it can be difficult to determine who falls into which group people born in are still a tossup, e. Gen Z and Millennials also share similar views on key social and political issues, with both tending to be more liberal than older generations. When it comes to race, younger generations are more likely to say that people of color are treated less fairly than whites in the United States today, and believe an increase in racial and ethnic diversity in the U.

Another study found that 62 percent of Gen Zers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, on par with Millennials. Gen Z is also more likely to spend more for sustainable products 73 percent , just like their forebears 68 percent. Trends regarding mental health are also similar across the two generations. One study showed that three-in-four members of Generation Z and half of Millennials have voluntarily quit jobs due in part to mental-health problems.

Technology and social media also seem to play a crucial factor in how these younger generations interact with each other.


The baby boomer generation — the only generation officially recognized by the U. Census Bureau — began immediately after World War II with people born in and wrapped up in These days, boomers are in their late 50s to early 70s, many about to be or already retired. Jones, and just the generic anonymity of the Jones name — were born between and

How do the Baby Boomers and the Gen-X’ers differ in work ethic and work style? This is the generation that moves in packs; boy-girl dating has been an.

Generation X characteristics can be viewed in a few different lights. What exactly is a Karen? Per Buzzfeed :. Side note: Gen Xers were healthier at the same age than Millennials, according to a separate survey. Another note from that study — Gen Xers have the most credit card debt of any generation while spending the most on non-essentials like dining out and lottery tickets.

As Millennials and Gen Zers cry for more amenities in the workplace, Gen Xers were the architects for many things that are common in offices around the US. Think of the nap pods or open floor designs. How about free meals and the abandonment of cubicle farms? Forward-thinking workspaces like Googleplex started in , helped the office shift into a more work-life balance instead of a different dimension of hell. Despite the positive news, companies should be wary as they could be looking at a retention problem with Gen Xers in the near future.

Generation X. Kyle Schnitzer and Jennifer Fabiano. Popular on Ladders. Steve Jobs once did this for 20 seconds and it became a legendary power move.

Generation X in the workplace

Generations can be defined by family structure, stage of life or historical events. Catchy labels such as baby boomers, millennials and Gen X and Gen Z tend to stick with each cohort, which are assumed to have shared experiences, behaviours and ideals. But common generalisations — for example, that baby boomers are hoarding housing, while millennials have no hope of buying a home — can distort or mask the inequalities that exist within and across generations. Read more: Generation rent is a myth — housing prospects for millennials are determined by class.

Popular labels are applied to the generations currently living. The label reflected the counterculture of a rebellious generation, distrustful of the establishment and keen to find their own voice.

Gen-X employees and explore how their relative similarities and differences on making your LinkedIn page and social channels engaging and up to date, with.

One-in-ten eligible voters in the electorate will be part of a new generation of Americans — Generation Z. Born after , most members of this generation are not yet old enough to vote, but as the oldest among them turn 23 this year, roughly 24 million will have the opportunity to cast a ballot in November. And their political clout will continue to grow steadily in the coming years, as more and more of them reach voting age.

Unlike the Millennials — who came of age during the Great Recession — this new generation was in line to inherit a strong economy with record-low unemployment. Instead of looking ahead to a world of opportunities, Gen Z now peers into an uncertain future. There are already signs that the oldest Gen Zers have been particularly hard hit in the early weeks and months of the coronavirus crisis. In a March Pew Research Center survey , half of the oldest Gen Zers ages 18 to 23 reported that they or someone in their household had lost a job or taken a cut in pay because of the outbreak.

Gen Z is now calling Gen X the ‘Karen Generation’

By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Well, Generation Z — most of whom count members of Gen X as parents — certainly do, and they’ve decided they’re not letting them off the hook. As more and more social media users are using ‘ok boomer’ as a dismissive insult for those born roughly between and , now Gen X has decided that Gen X is also the ‘Karen Generation,’ referencing a stereotype of a dissatisfied, demanding woman who always wants to complain to the manager.

Coronavirus quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation are things Boomers, Gen Z and some millennials are struggling with. Generation X.

By Richard Fry and Kim Parker. As a new generation of Americans begins to take shape and move toward adulthood, there is mounting interest in their attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle. But how will this generation change the demographic fabric of the United States? And while most are still pursuing their K education, the oldest post-Millennials are enrolling in college at a significantly higher rate than Millennials were at a comparable age.

The parents of post-Millennials are more well educated than the parents of Millennials and those of previous generations, and this pattern most likely contributes to the relative affluence of the households in which post-Millennials live. The high school dropout rate for the oldest post-Millennials ages 18 to 20 in is significantly lower than that of similarly aged Millennials in The changing patterns in educational attainment are driven in part by the shifting origins of young Hispanics.

Previous research has shown that second-generation Hispanic youth tend to go further in school than foreign-born Hispanic youth. More broadly, the post-Millennial generation is being shaped by changing immigration patterns. Immigration flows into the U. The onset of the Great Recession and the large decline in employment led to fewer immigrants coming to the United States, including immigrant children.

The 8 Greatest Strengths of Generation Y

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And virtual dalliance can jeopardize real-world relationships. The two generations’ “porous boundaries” online — including flirting with an old flame or sparking an emotional connection in cyberspace — could harm their real flesh-and-blood relationships, according to the edition of the annual “State of Our Unions,” produced collaboratively by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and and the Wheatley Institution and School of Family Life at BYU.

Base: Total Single Gen-Xers & Boomers. Q1: Which of the following best describes your dating status? * Significant difference at 95% between generations. Q4.

The Echo Boom. Are You an Echo Boomer? Here is the date range comparison between these 3 generations. Note that the start and end date are debatable. They fade into one another, so you will see an overlap of age. Without further adieu, here are the ranges:. This would make baby boomers, in the year , somewhere in the ballpark of years old. This would make generation X, in the year , somewhere in the ballpark of years old.

This would make generation Y, in the year , somewhere in the ballpark of years old. For the most part, Generation Y are the children of the Baby Boomers, and in some cases, grandchildren. This is due to them being around their prime reproductive years during the s the last baby boomers turned 18 in Thus, the echo boomers being a surge in population as an echo of the baby boomer post-war boom.

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Dating In Generation Y