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Dear Bungie. Why do you hate matchmaking so much?

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Destiny matchmaking skill based – Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find I hate pvp lol, a serious conundrum over skill-based matchmaking. Discussed.

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Destiny 2 drops skill-based matchmaking from most PvP modes

Earlier this month, Bungie changed the Forges introduced in the Black Armory expansion of Destiny 2 Year 2 so that players automatically go to orbit after completing one. We used to stay in the playlist and automatically queue up another Forge, but when players found another way to use this system to farm resources – in this case, Umbral Engrams and Power levels – by doing nothing, Bungie fixed it up.

It was a totally reasonable response on Bungie’s part since all of the AFK players were polluting the playlist for people who actually want to do Forges, but the whole situation is also indicative of a larger problem with Power levels in Destiny. On paper, my Power level determines how much damage I deal to enemies.

We have deployed changes to matchmaking settings for Survival, Freelance: Survival, and Labs: Elimination playlists to address skill.

Bungie have to please their community though, if you really like halo and so buy the maps in a continuing effort to support bungie. Bungie have to make it worth it and making it so that you can always play the maps easily and have the best experience with them makes it worth the money. Otherwise no-one would buy them,. Also, Bungie isn’t trying to screw the guys who didn’t buy the map packs, they are trying not to screw over the dudes who did.

I am torn here because this is Bungie trying to get more money and expanding the game though. Of course the game has been out a while and you could play other stuff. I also feel that hampering some features unless you buy something does suck but this benefits dedicated players. If you are not dedicated enough to pay for the maps, they you probably arent gonna be playing ranked games.

The Destiny 2 Forge farm fiasco is another reminder that its Power grind needs to change

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Same reason why Destiny has never had end game matchmaking. It’s a marketing tool to help drive sales. Wanna run the raid? Get your friends.

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i fucking hate you bungie…

Destiny always occupied a bit of a weird place in the video gaming landscape. It was a first-person shooter, but also a sort-of MMO. It was intended as an ongoing saga, yet felt held back by a schedule of irregular content dumps that made continued play a grind. It was a Bungie game, but published by Activision.

Whether those reveals are spine-tingling or head-scratching will depend on your familiarity with the franchise, but this veteran player was left dumbstruck at least once. Space goth Eris Morn plays a typically foreboding guide, surrounded by the literal ghosts of her former fireteam.

A Destiny fanboy who really wants to play, and really hates the state of Trials. P.S​, stop making me look at everyones stupid dances. for the love of Osiris. Edit: my​.

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Destiny Doesn’t Need Matchmaking for Raids

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“I hate that I miss Activision”: Destiny fanbase lashes out at Bungie after ‘useless’ “It honestly feels like Destiny has been in a slow(or not so slow Who patended “matchmaking system” that would match you against higher.

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Destiny matchmaking lag

Welcome to the second installment of our Game In Progress review for Destiny 2. The sprawling, six-player levels are universally held as the most daring, triumphant game design in the series, odysseys of expressive architecture filled with secrets, puzzles, risks, and awe-inspiring spectacle. The stereotype of gamer toxicity has never been arguable; just look at the ease with which Pewdiepie shouted the N-word on camera recently. The history of online games has been one of rolling back social interactions.

In early Halo games, for example, you could hear every word that every other player said. Over time, this turned to selective voice chat, then opt-in voice, then carefully created emotes.

Aug 1, the game s skill-based matchmaking. Aug 30, ‘destiny’ fans rampant speculation after bungie said it introduces 6v6 quickplay playlist to hate​.

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This is why I hate matchmaking